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Gorgeous green and white bowls


Lovingly hand-thrown from a white stoneware clay, each with an individually signed and glazed footring,light and robust they are a delight to see and to use. The inner surface is glazed in a speckled cream, with a matt finish. The outer surface is a deep green, glossy glaze made largely from reclaimed slate dust, from Honister Slate Mine in Cumbria. This interesting found material is harvested from a sludge pool outside the mine, it is dried, weighed, sieved and mixed with wood ash, clay and copper carbonate. Fired to 1240*C in an electric kiln, this produces a beautiful green glass that interacts with the inner glaze to produce distinctive white tendrils.


Working with clay is profoundly meditative and all my pots are made with love, care and attention to detail. Individuality is not something I strive too hard to eliminate, I like to create families of work of similar size, around a general form and  glaze combination. The colour molecules will always dance and settle a little differently each time, if they didn't there would not be such joy in opening the next glaze kiln or in knowing the vessel you are drinking from is truly unique....


Food safe
Tested fine for microwaves
Tested fine for dishwashing in a test to simulate 50 washes with an average alkali detergent
Entirely non plastic packaging

Bowl - Honister Green

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