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PigElf Ethos

'Do what you love,

            it's your gift to the universe'

                                 -Corneilius                                                                      Crowley

'Right lad,

         do it again,

                 do it quicker

                         and do it better!'

                                  -Mr Elmore

We love making beautiful, useful

objects. This love is no exercise in

perfection, it isa repeated coaxing

into being, a playful discovery that

grows and changes with

each iteration. It's about getting

our fingers into the stuff of the

universe and seeing what happens.

It's aboutflowing with change and

embracing metamorphosis.

It is the anticipation before a kiln

is opened and the satisfied

calm after a day's throwing. 

We believe that by joyfully

embracing the making process

we will create, not just high quality

functional ware,but functional ware

 that is truly a joy to use.

PigElf Potters

Neil Buckley

Neil is the full time potter at PigElf,

 he does the throwing, formulates

the glazes, loads the kilns and

generally provides elbow grease

to the creative nitty gritty.


Matthew Ellwood


Matthew earns his living as an

 accomplished 2D artist, if you haven't

already seen his iconic Tower paintings,

check them out at 

Matt is the PigElf sculptor, mold maker and product

consultant. He generally appears after a couple of months

of meticulous painting, and dispels his cabin fever with

whisky and clay work. He creates decorative ware,

combining his strongly illustrative

style with a love of playful character and a fascination with

the outright bizarre.

Neil is fascinated by the applied chemistry of colour,

driven to explore and constantly expand the PigElf palette,

he researches and experiments voraciously,

honours the kiln gods,  gets excited about obscure

theoretical insights and, once in a while,

does a little dance when a glaze totally works..

PigElf Shipping

Anchor 1

We ship our pots by Royal Mail (1st class signed for)

We aim to ship most orders within 24hrs of receiving them,

and always within 48hrs, please be aware that we are,

most of the time, one man in a shed in Cumbria.

Our packaging is 100% biodegradable,

we use recycled cardboard, recycled paper bubble wrap,

 sustainably harvested wood wool and paper packing tape.

We are happy to ship internationally,

please contact us for international shipping quotes.

Business Ethics

We support RAIN

PigElf Ceramics supports RAIN

There is no getting away from the fact that firing kilns to stoneware temperatures

is an energy intensive activity. We generate some electricity from solar panels,

however until we can afford a pretty epic battery, we will be dependant on mains

electricity for our firings.

For sustainably minded potters this is a problem. To balance our carbon karma

we choose to support RAIN, the Regenerative Agroforestry Impact Network.

They organise and fund sustainable agroforestry projects in South America,

focusing on hydrological regeneration of springs and watercourses.

We believe that they are an excellent example of a small charity running

effective and targeted projects and are proud to support their work.


For every pot under £20 sold we donate 50p

and for every pot over £20 sold we donate £1

Every year we create a  kiln load of limited edition

RAIN mugs. We heartily endorse RAIN,

to read more about their fantastic work, click their logo.....                                                                                               



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PigElf Events


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